About Us

Our Mission Statement:
We here at Snorty Horse Saloon are just a crazy bunch of people that recognize great music when we hear it. We look all over the country to bring you the absolute BEST in live entertainment, be it Country, Red Dirt or anything in-between. Come on out, we got a cold one for ya.

We really don’t care where you’re from. We don’t care what you look like. We don’t care what type of music you normally listen to, or what your cute kitten did earlier in the day. The only labels we care about here are the ones that tell us the percentage of alcohol in the bottle, or what kind of guitar the band is gonna sign at the end of the night!!! If you like good times and great music, we’re the place for you. We’re ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC. I guess you either get it, or you don’t.

A Word About Red Dirt Music:
Red Dirt Music gets its name from the color of soil found in Oklahoma. Although Stillwater, Oklahoma is considered to be the epicenter of Red Dirt music, some say there’s a Texas Red Dirt sound as well. Old school Texans and Okies alike will swear that the two were distinctly different. Outlaws, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson are associated with that distinctive Texas sound while Bob Childers defines Oklahoma Red Dirt music. Childers, known as the “Dylan of the dust” jammed to a slightly different country chord — Red Dirt style. These days, the gap separating the two genres has thinned.

Some define Red Dirt music as “country music with an attitude”. Others say it’s a state of mind as much as it is a sound – a sound that successfully closes the gap between rock and country. Although many bands got their start in Stillwater, each band has a distinctive sound said Brandon Jackson, guitar for the band No Justice. “The sound is different from each band to band to band. Some guys are more rock, some guys are more country, and there’s everything in between,” Jackson said.

Our good buddy Cody Jinks shares his thoughts about Red Dirt Music on our video page. Check it out.